I have never reached out to the church I was attending to ask for prayer before. I have always asked for prayer from my friends whom God has placed in my life, however these past several months have been difficult. I made the decision to leave my job I have had for the past 7 years. I am a social worker and have been working with children and families who have been and are going through significant trauma and abuse in their life. This was a difficult decision but the job and environment had become very toxic and unhealthy mentally, physically and spiritually and emotionally for me.

I was blessed to have been offered a new position with a different agency and a fresh start. God has been very merciful with me and very loving. I know he has been with me during this time. I keep being drawn back to the book of Isaiah and have been reading through each chapter over the past several weeks.

Due to certain circumstances I wasn’t able to start my new position until two and a half weeks after I had to leave my other agency. My first day was yesterday.

With the way everything worked out I am going through an entire month with out being paid and as of now will not have enough to cover my bills for January. I am currently living off of my last check from the middle of November.
I don’t have enough money to cover anything that life may throw at me during this time.

I have moments of peace and can trust in Gods plan and following his direction and I have moments of fear and not being able to sleep due to the worry and fear of not having enough to cover for this month and next.

I am asking for continued prayer for protection of my car while I am driving for work. I am asking for prayer for relief from the fear and being able to rest at night. I am asking for prayer for wisdom to make the right financial decisions during this time. I am asking for prayer for protection over my mind. I can trust God and I can trust his word and his plan. I know this phase isn’t permanent I am so thankful for being able to become closer to God through this time. Thank you for the prayers.