Please pray for healing and strength for my grandma. She had open heart surgery in August and her kidneys never fully came back so she had been getting daily dialysis. A couple weeks ago she started feeling worse and just not well. She was admitted back into the hospital Christmas Eve and started continuous dialysis. It was also found that one of her heart valves has a lot of leakage. She was told today that the hospital she is at is not capable to handle her surgery and they are sending her to the only doctor in her area who will consider doing surgery on her valve. Please pray for Dr. Abbott, for his wisdom and that he will be able to perform surgery on her valve. She lives in North Dakota, but has been in Minneapolis, MN for all her medical things. She stepped in to help my dad raise us when our biological mother left, she helped shape me into the person I am. I haven’t seen her in 4 years, and being so far away from her has been difficult for me.