Robin Scott


I went to the dentist today for a consultation. I need to have dental surgery to have 24 teeth extracted. This is

Robin Scott2020-01-29T08:41:27-05:00

Dave Dexter


my daughter is moving from Nevada with her 2 small children and she needs temp housing when she gets here. she can

Dave Dexter2019-12-08T08:53:30-05:00

John and Robin Scott


I’m going through a lot. My mom passed away almost two months ago. My oldest daughter won’t talk to me. My husband

John and Robin Scott2019-11-25T11:17:57-05:00

Kevin Mimande Jr


A close friend of ours has been in and out of a children’s Hospital with their 15 month old girl since birth

Kevin Mimande Jr2019-11-11T09:18:10-05:00



I would love to ask my church community to pray over my relationship as we search for a new home for ourselves


John and Robin Scott


Please pray for our finances to work out for the month of September until mid October. I (Robin) is out of work

John and Robin Scott2019-08-29T09:59:37-05:00

Eliza & Steve


Prayer for our 5 year old niece having heart surgery today at Boston Children's.

Eliza & Steve2019-06-28T07:09:03-05:00

Sonia Kibbee


One of my dear family friends lost their daughter unexpectedly yesterday due to a illness. She is married and leaving behind two

Sonia Kibbee2019-06-26T12:47:01-05:00