Hello! My name is Stephanie, I have two little boys Jamie and Gunner. Jamie loves Sunday school so he always accompanies me to church and always asks if it’s Sunday yet. Gunner is autistic so he doesn’t do well going yet. Last Sunday, trying to leave church my 2006 Nissian that has been hanging in there broke for good. I’ve been asking everyone for prayers for me to be accepted to finance one or find one I can buy. It’s very upsetting to me as a mom to not to be able to bring my child to school or to his appointments. I’ve had to reschedule an important one that he had for his tongue tie. Anyways, any prayer would be so appreciated. I pray and I’ve seen the power of prayer and the miracles of God. I know a lot of people don’t have cars and it’s heartbreaking. It never seemed like such a huge deal until now that I don’t have one that runs. Thank you so much.