2 of my 4 children aren’t speaking with me. One because they believe that everything wrong with their life is on me (dropped out of high school and left my home on own in 2019, no drivers license) the other because they are defaulting on their student loans (I’m co-signed on about 250k) and I want to figure out how we can get back on track and neither of our credit will go down anymore than they already have.
I feel helpless and like I’m drowning. With the first, her truth isn’t the facts and there is no way to communicate because of the differences in what happened…. and with the second, he’s told me to never contact him again.

Please pray for help with my overwhelming anxiety and panic feelings with both of these situations. I’m at a loss for what to do so if there is someone who could talk with me about this, I would welcome a call or text. Please text if possible first because I cannot answer my phone if I do not know who is calling due to the bill collectors calling. It is not my policy to not pay my debts, but because when I co signed I believed that he would pay these bills when he graduated. And yes, he is working in his field.