Reading God’s Word – Continued!

Last week I left you with a challenge. If we want to grow as a follower of Jesus, it’s up to us. We own our own development. One way we grow in our understanding of God is by reading His Word. So the challenge was this: 7 days. Take the next 7 days and commit to reading God’s Word each day. It’s a small step that will begin to create a habit that can literally transform your faith. Small steps, over time, can lead to big results.

But I don’t want to just leave it there. I’d like to suggest a great way to keep this habit moving forward. Drumroll please….

The YouVersion Bible App! I’ve been using this app for several years now and it has been an absolute God send (pun intended). Not only does it have the Bible available at my fingertips, but it also has so many features that keep me coming back. Bookmarks, audio playback, notes, highlights, commentaries. On top of those features are two big ones: Bible Streaks and Plans.

Let me start with Plans. Plans are mostly topic based, mini-devotions that you can read on your own or join with a group of friends and go through it together. I’m currently going through an extended plan that will allow me to read the entire Bible by the end of this year! Bible Streaks are a fun way to keep you motivated to stay in God’s Word daily. Every day you read the “streak” grows in number. So you can hit that 7 day streak, then keep moving forward to 20 days, a month, a year, and so on.

So don’t just take my word for it, check it out. Visit to download the app to your devices.