Prayer Is Power

No matter what you’re going through, you can be confident that you have a church family who is supporting you through prayer. Submit your prayer request below and our team will commit it to prayer.

If you are in need of pastoral care or have an emergency, please visit our care page below.


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Paul Evans

Two years ago my wife and I felt called to NH; for what reason we don’t know. That feeling has never left us. We found your church through ARC and I have been following fairly consistently since Jan 2019 when I deployed to Afghanistan. When I got back, I was blessed with an opportunity to visit my future home for a week while working out of Pease AFB. It confirmed what was on my heart.

Here I am now, at the end of my Air Force career knowing I’m supposed to be in NH when my time here with the Air Force in Arkansas is done. I have been searching for jobs & applying. Sen Shaheen’s office has been helping me (met her while I was deployed). So far, I have no hint of hope for a job.

Please pray that God further reveals His will for us and provides answers. Time is running out here (we have to move by the end of June because our landlord wants to sell). I’m scared and I’ve always struggled with trusting that God will provide. I know He will though; it’s the “letting go and letting God” part…

Thank you so much for all you do there in NH and globally with the online church service.

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Rocky Myshrall

We REALLY need prayers for Tom Horton and Brittany McCabe from our Somersworth location, they volunteer in NLC Kids. They are really struggling as a married couple and with three children. Tom struggles with addiction and it has become troublesome in the home. He is also questioning his faith right now. They are struggling financially too. Tom got laid off. It’s just a hostile environment right now but I know that God can move mountains! Please don’t post this publicly.

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Rocky Myshrall

Is there any chance Pastor Josh could do daily Facebook posts combating fear? I was totally assaulted tonight. I have calmed now by the word but if people are experiencing that same feeling it would be nice to share posts from the heart of our Pastor. God has given him such a gift when to just talk from the heart. We can all pray where God will direct online.🙏🙏🙏 Love and praying for all of you!💕I will also take some prayers that I stay strong in who HE is and what He says!💞

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April Sealock

My son is fighting addiction. It’s going to be a lifelong battle. Please pray for him to overcome and lean on Jesus through this time. Pray for him to find employment when he comes out of incarceration.

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Nancy Swain

Please lift my son in prayer. He has been doing so well for almost 2 years and he just relapsed yesterday.
Pray for his protection and for God to work thru him .
Give him the strength to get thru this and strong to say “ NO” .

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