Prayer Is Power

No matter what you’re going through, you can be confident that you have a church family who is supporting you through prayer. Submit your prayer request below and our team will commit it to prayer.

If you are in need of pastoral care or have an emergency, please visit our care page below.


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Veronica beatric from SOMERSWORTH

Pray for my marriage, my children and our health. Specially my husband to become more patient, less angry, seek God, leave the bad friends whos doing bad like drug and alcohol.

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Jenn from EPPING

Please pray for a healthy pregnancy.

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Kevin Mimande Jr from KEENE

A close friend of ours has been in and out of a children’s Hospital with their 15 month old girl since birth who has a heart disease. She is on a waiting list for a Heart transplant and is A1 top priority. We ask for prayer for peace for the family and a perfect match to prevent any future need for a replacement heart.

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I pray in this time of political polarization, that the people of this great nation can see past hate, judgement, and anger, to allow the love of god to shine through political differences.

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Please pray for Torey. He is having a rough time with anxiety. It is debilitating.

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