Prayer Is Power

No matter what you’re going through, you can be confident that you have a church family who is supporting you through prayer. Submit your prayer request below and our team will commit it to prayer.



Cas Morton from SOMERSWORTH

Daniel needs healing prayers please. Each day he describes his pain as all day every day feeling in his entire body, especially his upper arms, burning, electricuting, swelling, and like he’s being eaten alive. I’ve been praying for him to heal in mind and

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Yesterday we learned that after a sudden illness, Patrick Hogan, a former student and dear friend to the PCA family was placed on life support at Boston Children’s. Please keep Patrick and his family in your prayers.

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Sending another pray chain over Ken today. Very similar to the last prayer chain on Ken’s work. The guy is absolutely exhausted. Next week they’ll be shifts, but he is not in the place energy wise to handle the cafe alone today. He needs to be lifted up. Ken has “so” much talent, but he’s been running the cafe alone for two months. He’s going to crash if he doesn’t get the help he needs today as well as support. It’s been a very unfair situation.

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My family is trying hard to build a new home , we expanded our family and need more space , this process as anyone who’s been through it knows is overwhelming and stressful, I have a neighbor that is being a nightmare and trying very hard to prevent us from providing our children the much needed additional space . I’ve been frustrated by the venom and would ask for prayers for more understanding , clarity and forgiveness for my neighbor through this tough time

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My mother is going in for testing for lung cancer. Shes the bravest woman i know. And this is the hardest thing for our family. She tries to keep a smile on, but i know deep down she is scared, as we all are. Looking for prayers for good reaults and tests to come back clean.

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