Prayer Is Power

No matter what you’re going through, you can be confident that you have a church family who is supporting you through prayer. Submit your prayer request below and our team will commit it to prayer.

If you are in need of pastoral care or have an emergency, please visit our care page below.


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Savanna Jimenez from

My brother and SIL lost their 5 mo son on Saturday February 22, 2020. Words cannot express the pain they or our family is feeling. We want answers that we will never get.

We are in Washington, Pennsylvania.

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Maegan from

This week is bringing to a close a huge chapter in my life. My divorce is set to go to trail on Friday the 28th after many months of mediation and attempts to finalize things outside of court. I have been praying that God is with me through this and I have singing often ‘my fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in your love’ and it’s brought me such great comfort. I am fearful of the trial itself as well as the cross examination from attorneys, the outcome and of course my future moving forward and that song gives me such peace that my fears equate to nothing because I’m standing in the love of God. I’m asking for a few more prayers that I find strength and peace during this week leading up to the trail and through it. I have seen the power of prayer and I believe in it. I also ask for prayers for those who are praying over me. God has blessed me with a church and a community who accepts me for me whether I’m divorced or married. I’m forever thankful for NLC and its beautiful people.

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Joanne Bokum from

I covet your prayers for my 19 year old granddaughter Kristina. She has struggled with depression for years and my prayers aren’t enough .
Last night Kristy was admitted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester New York for depression & suicidal thoughts. Her mother, my daughter, was with her all night. We are helpless & hopeless and appreciate your prayers.

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Arielle Milbury from

Please pray that I am granted strength to get through my current issue and guidance concerning the direction I should go now that I am clean and sober. Also for my mother who seems to have finally left a man who abused her for over 7 years, that she finds God, and courage and confidence to stay away from him for good. For my sister who has been struggling with mental health issues and anger. Thank you for your prayers. The power of prayer is absolutely amazing.

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Brenda Smith from

Please pray that my brother is safe. I have had no contact with him since Monday at 6:45. He is fighting demons right now. I know God is with him. I know the only thing I can do is pray and have Faith that our God will take care of him. I ask that you do the same. Thank you.

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