Powerful Prayers

Do you believe you can move mountains with your prayers?

If you’re like me, then you may have had the tendency to let your prayers come in to motion usually in times of desperation and struggle but not regularly in your day-to-day life. I’ll be totally honest, it’s hard to remember to stop and pray when issues are right in front of you that require your immediate attention and action. And prayers are not often seen as “action”, but normally reflective and something we do when we are calm and can focus our mind on God.

However, all that changed for me over the past few years. In fact, my prayer life has been woven into my everyday life and it’s not something I do, it’s who I am – I am a follower of Jesus that spends time talking to Him daily. Nothing is too little to talk to God about. And He hears our prayers; I truly believe that. My prayer time has become somewhat of a regular habit, and I’ll share more about why in my next post…I have to give credit to the Echo Prayer app for that!

I challenge you to reframe your thoughts about the power of prayer. We have underutilized it and have forgotten just how amazing it is that we have the ability to directly communicate with the Creator of the Universe. And not just communicate, but join in with Him in the ability to help make change happen too! I love what John Eldridge says in one of his recent books, Moving Mountains,

“Now, if you believed both assumptions, if they were woven into your deepest convictions about the world, you would want to learn to pray like a soldier wants to learn to use his weapon, like a smoke jumper wants to learn survival skills. We really have no idea what sort of breakthrough is actually possible until we learn to pray. Perhaps we, too, will be ending droughts and stopping wildfires.”

Take a moment right now and just pray. Share what’s on your heart at this very moment with God. The more you go to God in prayer, the more common it will become in your life and you will begin to naturally pray about everything. Just wait and see what happens…you may end droughts and stop wildfires!