No More Empty Ditches!

Have you ever started something and find that things did not go as planned?

Chapter 3 of 2 Kings is a fascinating story where we find the three kings of Israel, Judah, and Edom joining forces to fight a war they thought they could easily win, but things didn’t go as planned. The kings then ask Elisha for help in their fight. The answer Elisha gives the kings is not what they expected. Elisha tells them to go and dig ditches and God will fill the ditches with water, which will nourish the troops and their cattle. If they do this, Elisha tells the kings that God will deliver Moab into their hands. The kings likely found Elisha’s request a bit ridiculous, but they believed in God’s promise and did as they were told. 

This story is all about faith.

Only God can send the water, but he wants you and I to dig the ditches. At Next Level Church, we believe God had called us to a vision too great to achieve on our own. So we do our part by digging ditches in faith and trust Him to fill those ditches with rain.

Now you might be thinking, “That sounds good for a church, but how does this work in my personal life?” Good question! The answer? The same way. God has called you to something bigger than yourself. And truly you, nor I, can accomplish those things on our own. We must do our part but its vital to invite and allow God to come in and do what only he can do.

Left to my own strengths and abilities I will never be the husband or dad my family needs. If it’s simply up to me I will never lead teams at our location they way they need to be led. And if you were honest, you would agree the same is true for you. What we have in common is our need for a God that will fill the ditches we have dug in our lives with his wisdom and power.

So where do you start if you want to see some water in your life?

Dig a ditch. 

“How do you dig a ditch? Take your “shovel” and hit the ground one “shovel” at a time. You can’t expect God to give you big things if you won’t start small. Believe big. Start small. Put your faith into action by digging some ditches.” Craig Groeschel