Introducing NLC

If you’re new to Next Level Church you probably have noticed by now that we are highly engaged with our attendees and our broader community. We are very passionate about reaching people of all ages for Christ. To help you better understand the many opportunities we have here at NLC we’ve created what we call NEXT. This is an online environment where you can come onto this page and hear from one of our amazing Location Pastors. During this time you will hear a brief history of our church, our mission, vision, and how you can be a part of what God is doing at Next Level Church. Below, you’ll see a live link which will take you to our NEXT online platform and a countdown to when we are offering our NEXT Livestream. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you at NEXT.

Join us for Next Online!

Sunday, August 9

10:15am, 12:00pm

Join us for NEXT!