Next Steps

Welcome to Next Level Church!

If you’re new to Next Level Church you probably have noticed by now that we are highly engaged with our attendees and our broader community. We are very passionate about reaching people of all ages for Christ. To help you better understand the many opportunities we have here at NLC we’ve created what we call NEXT STEPS.

When a group of people share a common set of beliefs, language, and behaviors, you have a culture. At Next Level, our beliefs, language, and behavior can be summed up in three words. These three values drive everything we do.


We believe the church should be a place where everyone and anyone is welcome, no matter who they are or what they have done. Our community should know NLC as a loving, hope-filled place made up of people who care deeply for their neighbors.


The church should communicate in a culturally-relevant way, covering topics that make a true difference in people’s lives, and using tools that are familiar to today’s way of living. People should effortlessly understand the timeless message of Jesus because of the timely and creative way in which it is communicated.


Everyone should leave Next Level Church feeling better than when they came in. The church should be a place of hope, joy, and encouragement. This is best done by teaching truth and providing practical tools that allow people to experience the freedom and grace found in Christ in their daily lives.


Would you like to have a conversation about any of these next steps?