Next Level Church Official Statement

Recently, accusations against our Directional Team were made by former employees and volunteers. That Directional Team included Josh Gagnon, Roman Archer, Daniel King, and Walt Robbins. We are saddened by hurt any individual has experienced. The church should always be a place of healing, but unfortunately, it can be a place of hurt.

In December of 2021, Roman Archer, resigned from his role on our Directional Team at Next Level Church. On Monday February 6, 2023, Josh Gagnon, Daniel King, and Walt Robbins, also provided their resignations. Those resignations were accepted by the remaining pastors of Next Level Church, and we are working together to effect an orderly transition.

With the guidance of consultants, the remaining leadership of Next Level Church, including Pastors Bryan Levangie, Michael Grayston, Pablo Lopez, and Shane Becton, will navigate the next steps for Next Level Church.

As the Leadership Team we are committed to bringing stability and healing to our locations. We welcome your help in doing this. We will continue to worship; to honor God, and to point others to the relevant, loving, and life-giving message of Jesus. We sincerely ask that you pray for us to have wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit for our leading, and for the grace to move forward in a way that is honorable and pleasing to Him.

With love,
Bryan, Michael, Pablo, and Shane