I want to thank every prayer warrior for your addedness for 11 year old Carl. He has returned home from hospital in Nigeria. PRAISE OUR BLESSED LORD!
Carl went into hosp. last February. Thyphoid, Malaria, among worst. David his dad; was told by Dr. 2 weeks to live. Dav contacted me weeping that he did not know how to tell Carl, his only son; that he had only 2 weeks to live.
I asked Dav to not tell Carl this news. To just talk with this precious little boy; all about JESUS. Read the scriptures to Carl, every time together. Your prayers offered have been answered. Carl is alive and now out of hospital. Dav and Carl reunited. Still sick, yet getting better, and stronger each day.
Their prayer requests is for GOD to provide for their every need. To lift in prayer the way revealed for this beloved family of GOD; to the path back home to the United States. For this long suffering exile to come to happy end.. May GODS WILL be done. AMEN!!
GOD BLESS you one and all; thank you
Respectfully Nancy Drew