I humbly request you to pray regarding my personal problems here is my prayer request as follows pray for me as in this present situation I am much worried for the loans repayment part of sum amount is taken by private money lenders on a very high rate of interest I have to refund the money but in this present situation I could not able to make arrangements to arrange money I am very much in tension that how should I return the amount please pray that lord should help me miraculously to come out of this critical situation and hardship ,please pray that lord should show me way to come out from this critical and heavy financial burden which I am carrying every month , I have lot of fear and I am too much worried how to refund this money in this present situation I don’t have any sources to get money but I can ask for prayers day by day the interest is getting double please pray that lord should take me out I have been suffering through this for a very long time unable to bear it more please pray for solution from lord who to come out of this please pray that lord should give me wisdom and knowledge who to come out any part time or home base job from which I can earn more to refund the money’s am too much disturbed
please pray specially for my job that I should not be transferred from my present job please pray that the government should change its policy for strength of students in school, and I should stay on same place where I am working presently till the date of my retirement. Please pray for my obesity and skin problem due to my heavy weight I am worried too much I should loss my weight .please pray for my house where I am staying it has become very old please pray for protection in all situations ,please pray for increment in my sons salary and, please pray for abundance blessings of wisdom, prosperity , protection and spirituality in my family very specially peace in my family facing lots of problems within my family having no peace lots of devil spirit attacks on my family I need my whole family to be together there should be lots of love among my family members it should not broke all misunderstanding should be vanish out in Jesus name please pray that all curses against my family should be removed. Please pray for my son increase his salary please pray for his wife lot of misunderstanding between both of them not staying together she has left my house , my wife is creating lots of misunderstanding and problems in my house .please pray that my two daughters should get good job . I am very badly hurt due this family situation we have been blamed due to unexpected things which we have not done please pray that my son and daughter in law should livehappily in my house my family should not break please pray please pray that my son should get of tobacco addiction please pray I am in need of your prayer support.