This week is bringing to a close a huge chapter in my life. My divorce is set to go to trail on Friday the 28th after many months of mediation and attempts to finalize things outside of court. I have been praying that God is with me through this and I have singing often ‘my fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in your love’ and it’s brought me such great comfort. I am fearful of the trial itself as well as the cross examination from attorneys, the outcome and of course my future moving forward and that song gives me such peace that my fears equate to nothing because I’m standing in the love of God. I’m asking for a few more prayers that I find strength and peace during this week leading up to the trail and through it. I have seen the power of prayer and I believe in it. I also ask for prayers for those who are praying over me. God has blessed me with a church and a community who accepts me for me whether I’m divorced or married. I’m forever thankful for NLC and its beautiful people.