For starters, that I have a successful visit with my specialized nurse practitioner on Wednesday for the correct evaluation and treatment,
Also for my sister Marybeth today as she undergoes a dental procedure and then Hass to dash off to work. She drives a tractor trailer truck to airports and doesn’t get home till about 2 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes later.
Also for my husband and I, our health, our finances and our relationship in general to become more fulfilling as we age things are getting very challenging.
Lastly but not an important: that my daughter MOR IAH reconciles back to Jesus Christ and is saved. But she also reconciles back with me if it is gods will. That she sees the corruption and lies in the new age movement and political agendas she has been involved with. I think you kindly and I appreciate your prayers in the name of Christ I lift you all up in prayer also amen.