My son, Brent, has lost his job. He had been there over 3 years, and had been struggling prior to COVID, because he didn’t think the company was honest with its employees, and saw greed as a goal set for new employees.
His work hours had been cut from 50 plus hours weekly to 14 hours. He serviced restaurants, schools, and hospitals and most was no longer able to get in due to COVID. So yesterday he talked to HR and gave a two week notice. They told him they would pay him for the 2 weeks, although thought it best that yesterday be his last day. They did his exit interview. He called to tell me and I was very upset, given that they have now recorded it as he having quit. I don’t think Brent understood that he could have filed for unemployment for the hours that he was down each week. I don’t think he understood how difficult it would be for him to get a job in the next six months, or until “normalcy” returns. I told him I thought he should call Unemployment, explain the situation, and see if he can get benefits, even though the company let him “quit” in the midst of the COVID emergency. Please pray that God will be with Brent and intervene on his behalf in whatever way He deems right and just. Please pray for me to be a light for Brent in a difficult time. He suffers from extreme anxiety, takes medication for it, and what happening in the world is difficult for him to process. Thank you for your prayers! Thank you for being lights! 🙂