I Robyn am going through alot of medical tests, my husband Justin has alot of anxiety and hasn’t always been supported and built up in his life by family, ,he needs prayers for confidence in himself and reassurance that he is perfect the way he was born and he needs to know I’m not ever walking from us no matter how hard my relationship with some family members maybe, that he is the most important person in the world to me, there’s nothing he can do not do say not say to make me ashamed or embarrass of him. I have his back and God will keep us safe and strong through this trial and he is loved no matter what and that he can have his dreams if he doesn’t quit on himself and keeps putting one foot in front of the other. We are going to have a car reloaded and he is worried that the twenty year old one he drives will break and how will he get to work. So if anyone can reassure him there is a way it will work out please he needs other men and women to build him up not tear him down, his mother has never believe he and I could stay married and told him I was bad for him and that he will never read and write and she constantly asks him what he is gonna do when she dies poor guy doesn’t see how strong he is, he is very fragile I found all that out yesterday when I stood up to his mom and told her she hurt him. I don’t hate anyone but it needed to be said once and for all that he is able to survive and he’s not broken because he needs help in life.thankyou for listening God bless.