Hi! Sorry for lengthy prayer. Lots of prayer needs. Please, pray for Paul who is induced coma due to health issues and needs absolute healing of mind, body, soul and emotion and protection from Covid. Please, pray for infinite protection for Sandy, myself, Nick, Edson, Sammy, my family, our homes, our stuff and where we work. All plans against us cease and the Lord let it not even be conceived in anyone to harm, rob and do anything against us forever. Take it from any to do anything against us without entering minds and sustain these blessings forever. Show us kindness only when we stumble. Lord, have mercy and forgive those who wrong us and us as well. Give us strength, healing and sustained deliverance from all afflicitions and spiritual warfare including for those we live with. Set us free from what torments us, all infestation leave where we live and let us walk in love, peace and joy all our days without any trials. Thank you and God bless. 🙂