Please pray for our finances to work out for the month of September until mid October. I (Robin) is out of work until at least after October 8th when I have my follow-up with my Neurologist. The doctors want to make sure my new medication for my epilepsy is working accurately. I have a new diagnosis of Status Epilepticus of Sleep. This means that I was having multiple seizures while sleeping. These are also called nocturnal seizures.
My goal is to return to work the following day, October 9th if my doctor will allow me to.
I would also like to continue to ask for prayer for my daughter Savannah, and stepdaughter Emily. That they would let go of the past, their bitterness, hatred, rejection of John and myself.
Please pray for both of my daughters to have a good school year. Savannah is starting her second year studying to be a nurse, and Rachel is going in to her first year studying Environmental Science.
Please pray for safety for both of my daughters, both of my stepdaughters, my stepson in law, and my new step grandson Graham. Also for the salvation of Emily who is my youngest stepdaughter. She has not yet excepted Jesus into her heart. I don’t believe her husband, Mike has either. I pray that they will teach their new son, and any other children they may have in the future some values that would be pleasing to God.
I’m sorry this is so long. I know that God will provide, but I also know that there is power in the blood, and in prayer. Thank you for your patience and prayers for my daughters/stepdaughters, stepson in law, and my step grandson, and our finances. God bless you all!🙏🏼💜