A dear friend has recently been diagnosed and underwent major surgery to have cancer removed from her mouth. She has had a feeding tube and trach removed and on the path to healing from surgery and will be discussed further treatment options with her team at Dana Farber. She is currently staying with some family and just learned from her treatment team that they do not want her to return to work for at least the remainder of 2019. She is starting to learn how to talk all over again with her swollen and reconstructed tongue. He other wounds are healing too. This is so sad. For as long as I have known her, she had worked 3 jobs to provide for her and her family.
She has been out of work already for at least 3 weeks and will need some help with obtaining funds to maintain her home and be able to get ensure for nutrients as she cannot eat solid food. Please pray that our GREAT GOD with help move mountains for her healing, finances and continued love and support from her family and friends.