Though I’ve been a believer in God for most of my life, I’ve only recently come to really know the Lord and boy He’s made amazing changes in my life. I’ve been very angry lately. Stresses at work, and other factors have increased the levels of stress I normally handle quite easily. The stresses of work related issues increased to such a level, I exploded in anger when I arrived home and slammed my phone so hard on the table it cracked my screen a few days ago. Clearly the devil had his claws in me and I fell hard into his trap. Six months ago, I’d have condemned myself and beat myself up for weeks on end. I’m certainly not proud of this “moment”, but it happened and it’s over. I’ve asked God for forgiveness, wisdom and peace. I know that I can’t live this life with out Jesus. I ask for prayers of wisdom to recognize the signs of building pressure and stress, and protection from the devil. May he always be behind me. Amen.