LAST UPDATE: 11:00 am Thursday, March 19

Church is online for all locations:

Check back for future updates.

We’re meeting at NLC Online this weekend!

We’re excited to join together for a message from Pastor Josh and the kickoff to a new teaching series that our team has prayed for and created to fit the hope God wants us all to live in during this season called, “We The Church”.

Our NLC Kids teams have also been working diligently to provide parents with age-appropriate messages, worship, discussion topics, and other resources to lead your kids through the same amazing experiences they enjoy every weekend.

We haven’t forgotten about NLC Students! Stay tuned to NLC Students on Instagram for content that speaks directly to what they are experiencing, including live meetings every Wednesday at 6:30pm, which kicked off last night with students united across all locations.

We know God is doing something incredible through His church and through NLC during this time and we are uniquely positioned to be a light to people searching for some good news. So look for ways you can be the Church in your community. Share what you have with others who may need it. Check in on your neighbors. Continue inviting people to church—they can attend from their home or on their phone anytime!

We’re not going to let physical proximity keep us from telling others about Jesus, inviting them to hear His Gospel, and worshiping together at NLC Online because, now more than ever, people are searching for hope and peace. Let’s show them where to find what they’re looking for as we invite them to church this weekend.

We’ll continue to monitor what’s happening in our communities and update you on this page if anything changes.