Received this text from my daughter…Hoping this could be shared with the church community as we all know the power of prayer. We were talking about the City of Manchester and the drug epidemic. “One of (her son’s) friends has 2 parents. Both in prison for sexually abusing her to gain drugs or sales. They are incarcerated for a very long time and her Aunt has full custody but, allows her to do anything she pleases to “make up” for her ******* up life. She is a very troubled child and it’s heartbreaking. Another, where both parents have been deported and she is a dreamer and can’t be deported so now shes on her own as dhhs doesnt know what to do with her. Very troubled also. Another, where both parents have over dosed and died. Her son’s own father, who can’t seem to get out of his own way and has been living on the streets for the past two weeks for his drug addiction choices which his Mother no longer supports. Please, pray for all the youth involved, to find their voice and who they truly are, dispite their parents awful life choices. (Also asked for urgent prayers for her son’s father struggling with addiction and her ex-mother-in-law dying from cancer and her son dealing with so much). In Gods name. Amen!🙏😭 (Thank you)”