So a childhood friend of mine and my sister Amber Mcleod is battling Cancer….we are asking for prayers please, they are greatly appreciated at this time. My sis made this post:

Please pray for my friend Jimmy, he is my daughters cousin, he is only 38 years old and has been battling pancreatic cancer for about two years now. He has been through chemo and radiation. And is now going through another round of it. He has only two more chemo treatments and then he will have another CT done to see if the tumor on his pancreas has shrunk. He needs it to shrink so they can remove it. Doctors are telling him to call in Hospice, but he refuses to give up. Please pray for his miracle healing, he will have his next CT scan done June 22, we are praying the tumor shrunk! In Jesus Name Amen!
And I added this prayer::::::
yes ! Right now I plead the blood of Jesus over Jimmy and the bed that he lays in and all around him, in his room and over all the doctors and meds and equipment they are using. We ask God that you breathe life into Jimmy’s heart mind body and soul in the mighty name of JESUS. Give him Strength and patience and joy and the peace that passes all understanding. We know God that distance is not a barrier for you Father and you could reach down and take his hand and meet him right there where he lays and that no matter where someone is in their sickness, even if it’s at the end of the rope, we know that you could swoop in at anytime and make it all disappear In the mighty name of Jesus. God we ask for a miracle father, that even as we pray the tumor is shrinking and when they go to find it, then it will be a miracle to all who witness it. It will disappear in the mighty name of Jesus!!! I DECREEE AND DECLARE IN THE MIGHTY POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS that the tumor WILL BE GONE and he will have a speedy recovery and when that happens God we ask that after he receives his miracle that he will always love the rest of his life telling his miracle story and how God saved him, how even you didn’t come when he called father, you was right on time God. And that he shares his testimony and that one day it helps give someone else hope and encouragement and healing. Thank you Father in advance for your healing. By your STRIPES JIMMY is HEALED !!!! We ask and pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of NAZARETH Amber Mcleod Kathy Davis Burnside love you sisters. If y’all need anything I am only a text away. Tell Jimmy I’m praying !!!
Thanks everyone!! God bless