please re-ad this:

Thank you again, I am trying to get the deliv.erance I
Need. I got badly hurt in this.
Please put my family on your church request list for a few weeks to a month for complete restoration to
Self-Bonnie Rodriguez
Daughters-Allyssa and Juliana
And for his divine will for each of our lives My husband and I have been seperated for 2 years after enduring consistent harassment a attacks via his ex-wife who had been perpetually unfaithful in that marraige and then about the time we married got involved with Jeho.vah’s witnesses and began using that as a launch pad to bring attacks against our home, her motto became “I will fight for jehov.ah” unjustifiable court cases and more I can not go into it all false accusations My husband has also been honest with me that their is a temptress trying to solicit his attention. Please pray that be stopped and she be removed, I
Am recovering from all these attacks and was a Chris.tian virgin when I married
And believe in the sanctity of marraige
I just really need restoration, I sit at a cha.pel every day
I really need to learn to listen well
I had been, I am now seperated
I seem to sabatoge at times and need to understand