God’s best gift to us was sent 2,000 years ago in the form of a baby – His only Son, Jesus Christ. This wast the very best gift anyone could receive. Why was it the best gift?

God’s gift was:

  • Sacrificial. God knew that Jesus had to be sacrificed in order to fulfill His plan to save mankind. It cost Him everything, but He saw that the value was far greater.
  • Necessary. Although it wasn’t easy for God to give up His son, it was absolutely necessary. By coming to earth and dying, Jesus took all our sins – past, present, and future – upon Himself so that we can be made righteous.
  • Eternal. Because of this incredible gift, we can have this assurance that we will spend eternity with God in Heaven. We never have to worry about being separated from Him because Jesus bridged that gap between God and mankind forever.
  • Impactful. Through the birth of Jesus, all of humanity was affected. The entire history of the world has been changed, one life at a time, through the experience of His perfect love displayed in the coming of Jesus Christ for each and every one of us.

This Christmas season, what is the best gift you can give back to God? 

We at NLC want to give you the opportunity to not just give any gift this Christmas, but your BEST gift, and it’s through our “Best Gift” giving campaign. When you invest in the Kingdom of God, you are investing in real life-change. You can give your “best gift” anytime from now until December 31st, by simply selecting “For the one” on your offering envelope or when you give online. Many people choose to spend the next few weeks praying about what God wants them to give this year and then bring their gift to give at NLC on Christmas as we remember and celebrate God’s gift of sending Jesus to earth together. But however and whenever you choose to bring your “best gift”, we know that God promises that our greatest blessing is found in giving our best gifts! By making a tax-deductible, year-end gift to NLC above and beyond what you have given throughout the year, you are allowing us to use your gift and reach people far from God.

How do we do this? By opening new locations in areas of our country who so desperately need a loving community to belong to. By expanding and improving the facilities for our existing locations that give our communities the opportunity to come experience a fun and life-giving church, maybe for the first time in their lives. By providing resources to help those in need in our communities through our community partners, passing the “best gift” on to thousands of others who might otherwise not experience Jesus’ love this Christmas. These are just a few ways we at NLC can use your financial support for the Kingdom of God this Christmas!

So this Christmas, think beyond a “good gift”, or even a “great gift”. God gave his BEST gift to each and every one of us. What is the best gift you can give to Him this Christmas?

Give Your Best Gift