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Please pray for... Jerad Hendrickson - Healing from bipolar and depression. Salvation and a relationship with Jesus. Chris Clark - Suffers with


Gerald Moss


I need pray for a job and a new home in these trying times. I also need pray for God to lead

Gerald Moss2020-08-19T15:22:55-05:00

Charlie Campbell


My younger brother has always followed in my footsteps. Unfortunately that led him to a life of addiction and prison. I am

Charlie Campbell2020-08-04T10:51:57-05:00

Maureen Carmel


Difficulty walking, chronic pain from degenerative disc. I keep pushing because he’s faithful

Maureen Carmel2020-07-22T10:11:27-05:00

Dexter Phillips Hoadley


Survival and the ability to prosper through these challenging times, as well as a path to recovering what was lost and an

Dexter Phillips Hoadley2020-07-22T10:11:11-05:00

Julie Correnti


My fiance and I trying to concieve a child of God, but it hasn't happened yet we have been trying 2 yrs

Julie Correnti2020-07-22T10:11:04-05:00

Katie Marie Sanford


Getting married next month and my family and some of my friends aren’t being supportive. Also grieving the loss of my Grammy

Katie Marie Sanford2020-07-22T10:10:56-05:00

Robyn Rivard


I am starting a new job on 8/3/20, I have all the faith that the lord brought me on this path, so

Robyn Rivard2020-07-22T10:10:48-05:00