God bless you, Id like to request for continued prayer for my daughters Lauren, Jovannah and Amber Griego. The first to were Diagnosed bipolar, scheziphrenic. For more than 16 years we have been dealing with very unpredicatable and severe crisis events.The last two to three were especially hard, This last year has seen god do the miraculous.. there has been a visible change both in mental clarity and overall stability. can you keep us in prayer as we continue to move forward in christ. Lauren is now studing to get her high school diploma online, and studies gods word , and healing teaching, jovannah is more stable. Also id like to ask for prayer for uncommon grace and divine intervention for my job, i missed a lot of work these last few years. as a result of caring for the girls. i am a single parent. God bless you in his service, Mr, Anthony Griego . [email protected] 9256797696