My daughter who is a member of your church needs prayers to find her way back to her family, she has broken every family tie even extended family, but most of all me her mother that adores everyday of her life. I have no understanding to why she would do this to everyone but especially me, she needs lots of prayers. The day will come she will regret her decisions and I know God would not want her turning her back on her mother who has been by her side for so many years, there has never been abuse of any sort in her life. She just decided she wants no connections to her family that loves her since the day God gave her to me. And then I need prayer to be able to withstand her decision and in trying to stay a full person even though she has broken me and my heart, some days are better than others. But I will never move on as if I no longer have a daughter…she is an adult we are not talking about an adolescent.