Prayers for a kiddo who has asthma.

Prayers for elderly father who lives alone. Prayers for peace and health.

Prayers for cravings to go away.

Prayers for a healthy pregnancy and kiddos health (unborn and already existing).

Prayers for older parents to stay healthy. Mom is working a lot at the hospital as a nurse and dad has some health complications. Prayers for leg to heal and not be infected.

Prayers for husband who is still working as well as balance in their lives.

Prayers for family health, especially mom who is in her 60’s.

Prayers for peace, resolution, understanding, patience, love. This family has experienced two recent deaths and is navigating some family issues.

Prayers for health and an end to this virus. Prayers for husband who is still working as a pilot and flying into areas that are hotspots. Prayers for airlines to navigate this crisis and be able to take care of their employees. Prayers for peace of mind and health.

Prayers for continued sobriety.

Prayers for a couple who are both essential workers and balancing taking care of their family. Prayers for health, stability, peace, comfort.