Can you please pray for a family of 4 down in Somersworth, NH?

They’re below the poverty level and on a fixed income (one is a disabled combat veteran the other is disabled since childhood) and they need a vehicle. They just spent over $300 to fix it, but it broke down and needs a lot of work (starter/alternator, radiator, transmission, 3 tires, 2 brakes, electrical stuff, etc) which is more than the car (2000 PT Cruiser) is worth (about$1,000 according to Kelly Blue Book). The Good News Garage hasn’t had funding in NH since 2017 so they couldn’t help, and that’s the only place their case manager knows to refer to.
They’re worried about one of them not being able to get to class (which is paid for by the GI Bill and provides a housing allowance) and having to take a leave of absence or drop out (which would make them lose income and potentially have to pay what was paid for by the VA).
The other one is worried about not being able to continue with vocational rehabilitation, not being able to get to take her certifying exam that voc rehab paid for, and not being able to volunteer to prepare taxes for VITA this year.
They are also worried about not being able to pick up the kids’ gifts from the Somersworth Firefighters Toy Bank this Saturday.
And they’re worried about getting to appointments, getting groceries, getting their youngest child to school in Rochester (the oldest takes the bus to/from Somersworth Middle School), picking up prescriptions, getting money orders to pay the rent and other bills that can’t be paid online, etc.

Please pray that they are able to easily obtain a good, affordable (under $2,000), automatic (not manual), safe, and reliable vehicle this month that will pass inspection and continue to get them safely to and from where they need to go for at least another year.