Pray that Jesus will encourage Victoria through her current trials and grief. She is struggling to motivate herself to take better care of herself, to feel confident in herself, and to keep training when every part of her wants to crawl into bed and give up. She’s had a lot of losses happen all at once in her life and she is doing her best to not give into negative emotions and bad habits. Victoria could really use someone to train her, to help her keep working out and be a positive influence in her life. A big part of her is ready to quit because the grief is so bad and God is the only one who can heal her broken heart and bind up her wounds. Pray that Jesus will help Victoria with her emotions, her sense of self, her confidence, and to keep encouraging her to train/lift weights and keep healthy habits. Victoria has felt greater grief in the last few weeks over the loss of friends, rejection, critical people, and her dad having Alzheimers. She is overwhelmed emotionally and is stressed out. She isn’t happy. She is very lonely. She doesn’t have any friends. She has almost no support system. She feels like a failure, a quitter, a loser, and like damaged goods. She can’t help but wonder does God even hear her prayers.