Pray that God would help Jason to come back to his faith, to believe in God, and to forgive people. Jason’s ex wife was a daughter of a preacher. They were married for less than a year when she cheated on him with two different men and became pregnant by one of them. Her dad was arrested around this time for embezzling money from his church and the mom lost her license to be day care worker because she was suspected of abusing children. Jason’s life was never the same after that, especially with his faith in God. Jason’s relationship effected his personal life, his friends and family. Pray that God would change him and help him to know Jesus and the word of God. Pray that God would help transform his life and help him to let go of his past, to have good relationships, and to be honest about his perspectives. Pray that God would help him to have compassion, patience, mercy, and grace for others and share his testimony in trusting in God and how he came back to his faith. Pray that God would use Jason for a bigger purpose and for God’s will. Pray that God would help him to let go of any unresolved issues, resentment, rage, anger, and betrayal he carried with him after all of that. Pray that God would help him to be more christ like in his faith, to seek first, the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. Pray that Jason keeps an open mind and doesn’t judge those of faith because of what happened with his ex-wife and his ex-inlaws. Pray that he helps testify to his friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about his faith being restored and renewed.