I really need prayer if you don’t mind. Well, the official meeting to determine what happens to our office happens this coming Tuesday. It’s looking like we might have to close up one of our departments (the largest department), and unless a miracle happens with our second department, we may end up having to close the whole office. I’ve got three people here with nowhere to go and no other job lined up – two of them are older and are not feeling confident that anyone would hire them due to their age. Jesus gave me a promise on 1/2/19 saying that He is going to provide deliverance in an unexpected way regarding the office. I still believe Him. He just didn’t say when or how. We have surrendered ourselves and the office into Jesus’ hands and are waiting. If I can please ask for prayer, I don’t know what to do. I’ve spent 9 years of my life here. And He gave me His word too.