I am sending a prayer chain for Ken today. The only way he’s going to get through today at work is by feeling angels which is only through prayer. Right now ken is running his own account at liberty mutual in the cafe. He started running the account last week. There use to be two managers, but now he is the only manager. The manager who was above him is now the general manager working at another building. That person is on vacation this week. Ken, did have one guy that he was training, etc. Due to discouragement he called out today. Mike was a saving grace. The cafe is a huge responsibility that right now could fall through the cracks due to lack of hands, and skill. Ken, is the only guy who understands the job inside and out. He’s been put in a very tough position until they are positioned correctly which right now they aren’t even close. Please pray one of his bosses will see that they are needed today by hands. If not Ken will break under pressure~he’s exhausted, discouraged and can only handle so much. What he’s done these past two weeks not many could do. To make it even more impressive he is a 47 year old man with kidney disease doing what he can to take care of us. With the economy like it is can only be done by faith. I know by the exhausting I saw in Ken last night, he needs the hands of god today